Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Animallum: Earth Animals (Insectivores)

Alright, so here's the concept of the card game I'm making.

Aliens have made first contact with a future Earth that has just begun traveling through space.  Unfortunately, the aliens that have found our planet value it for its biodiversity and immediately loot Earth for a great deal of wildlife.  In their economy, things that are valuable because they are rare on Earth are of no value because, throughout the galaxy, one can find many planets, moons, and asteroids with extremely high abundances of these Earth-rare materials.  Instead, their economy is based on something that is rare in the galaxy:  variety in life.  This is what made Earth seem like an untapped treasure chest.

Now, we want to get our wildlife back!

The problem is that we have nothing to trade with the looters, so Earth has turned to the help of three other alien civilizations that do have rare resources we can use to get our animals back.  In exchange for diamonds, gold, and iron, these benevolent societies will give Earth agents resources that they can use to bust our native creatures out of alien zoo banks.

I'll explain more about the mechanics of this 2-4 player card-based game in another post, but, for now, I'll say that every player is assigned an alien zoo bank to trade for our wildlife, and these zoos contain Earth animals according to various categories.  For example, this batch is made of insectivores (from left to right):

1.  Zaglossus bruijni
2.  Myrmecophaga tridactyla
3.  Tamandua tetradactyla
4.  Manis tetradactyla

In other words, each of the zoos assigned to players will have one insectivore.

Other categories right now include troglobytes, gliders, and semi-aquatic.  I'd like to come up with 8-10 categories so that each zoo will contain 8-10 animals...not human-assigned categories, like mammal and reptile, but categories that have more to do with behavior than biology.  Looting aliens, after all, might not categorize our animals  based on anything more than initial appearances.

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