Monday, June 1, 2015

Mountain Portal, Page 5

Through the portal!

The Phoenix Comicon is over, and I feel like I just went through a portal and have come out the other end a bit different.  I've put a lot of mental/emotional weight on this event for the past few months, and, to tell you the truth, I'm sort of unclear as to how I feel about it now that it's over.  It was exciting, I don't regret tabling there at all, and I'm happy that it motivated me, over the past year, to try to create as much as I possibly could in terms of comics and games.  It was extremely meaningful for me to have all of my friends supporting me in various ways the past year, and, as a result, there are strangers walking around this country with things like "Lorestar," "Animallum," "Lightning Dog," and stuff on their coffee tables and bookshelves, and that makes me inordinately happy, haha!

All that being said, I don't know that I want to make Comicon the ultimate goal of my year again for the next 365 days.  I haven't decided for sure if I'm participating again next year...I still need to do some reflecting about my experiences over the past year, plus I need to make sure I give my "day job" it's due attention because that's important for life, haha!  So, right now, I kind of feel like this deer, maybe a little bit like I have to put myself back together.

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